Private Jet

Capacity 6 to 7 passengers Chile, a country with more than 4.300 km long, allows a big variety of weathers and landscapes, which is why the jet airplane is a great alternative for people who have limited time to spend. Enjoy your flight with the comfort and speed that a jet can offer for your business or pleasure trip along the Chilean country. …

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Agricultural services

We have a helicopter pilots with long and vast experience in frost control and fruit drying after rainstorms amongst other things. This service has contributed to care and preserve the final product quality. We are also able to transport special equipment such as: spare parts, people or load in a safe an efficient way along the country. Ask for more information about this special …

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Aerial Works

We count with a variety of aircrafts that are well prepared to help and satisfy your requirements in different purposes such as: maintenance of electronic devices in places of difficult access, aerial connections in remote places, bring up or down load and equipment in places with problematic approaches, checking antennas, etc. Ask for more information about these flights.

Aerial transfer

If you want to travel privately and directly to a frequent or non traditional destination, allowing you to optimize your time for your tour, trip or business activity, we can provide this service by airplane, helicopter or jet along Chile and abroad. ¡Fly with us!. Ask for more information.

Aerial videos

This service offers a good alternative to capture aerial images of great quality and definition, using an aircraft or drone, allowing access to a new whole perspective of details to be shown in an outstanding, singular and special way, that would be very difficult to achieve by other means.

Villarrica Volcano airplane flight

Flight duration: around 1 hrs. flight / three person capacity (available all year around) From the beginning of this airplane flight, meanwhile we are getting altitude to the Villarrica´s crater, you will be able to see lakes, rivers, mountains and several volcanoes around. As soon as we get there you will see one of the most impressive and active volcano in south America, surrounded by glaziers and forests, allowing …

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